Best Places to Visit in Ann Arbor Michigan

Ann Arbor Michigan is a lively and vibrant city to live in.There are many places to visit in Ann Arbor which makes people wanting to visit each year.

The Ann Arbor Art Fair is the place to visit when you decide to venture the city. The Ann Arbor Art Fair has been around for over fifty years.Many different diversities of artist showcase their skills at the Ann Arbor Art Fair during the Month of July. This particular fair event has captivated over 500,000 people to attend yearly.At the Ann Arbor Art Fair,you will discover music performances,crafts,ceramics,painting,
sculpture,photography,art shops,and much more.There is also hotels that you can stay overnight with a shuttle being provided to take you from your hotel to the Art Fair.

Independence Lake Park is a wonderful park for the whole family.Independence Lake Park offers swimming,boating and fishing,picnicking,hiking,rollerblading and biking. During the summer, a spray zone water playground is offered for kids.If you decide to fish,the fishing pier and along the shore are popular spots to catch fish.The lake offers a huge swimming area that is sandy on the bottom surface resembling a beach front.The park also offers boat rentals as well being able to launch off your own boat into the lake.The parks provide paved paths as well as nature trails.The paved path directs along wooded areas,travels over marshes,and follows the edge of the lake.The paved path reaches around two miles in length which is great for walking,jogging,
biking,and rollerblading.

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is where you can venture and explore nine galleries containing more than 250 interactive exhibits.Some of the exhibits include “Preschool Gallery,” “Concourse,” “All About You,” “Legacy,” “MediaWorks,” and much more. Some of the programs include “Field Trip,” “ScienceWorks,” “Distance Learning,” “Professional Development,” Birthday Parties,and more.The museum is known for educating kids and adults with hands on activities and the development of nature and science.

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is another great place to visit for entertainment. The summer festival features performing arts,outdoor entertainment such as a variety of musical bands,and community spirit.The festival is a 3 week event from June 14th to July 7th.The summer festival delivers suitable entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.The entertaining exhibits,dance,comedy,film,circus and street arts is what makes the Ann Arbor Summer Festival one of the favorite places to visit.

The Ann Arbor Civic Theater is a place where young talents perform drama,plays,andmusical plays.On the Civic Theater’s website,there is a list of upcoming shows throughout the months ahead.The Civic Theater also provides a summer youth camp for kids ranging from 3 to 8 years old.The summer youth camp involves kids in theater arts,music,visual arts,and theater design skills.

Kerrytown is the historic downtown area of Ann Arbor.The town offers a variety of unique shops,markets,restaurants,museums,delis,and much more.Walking around this town is fascinating in itself with all the antique presentations of businesses to look at and shop inside in.In walking through Kerrytown,there is no doubt you can spend your whole day browsing,shopping,and maybe interacting with other people there.

Ann Arborhas many places and activities that opens discovery,imagination,and entertainment to all people of all ages. Visiting any of these 6 places, will make you and your family wanting to revisit and relive the experience of the lively spirited atmosphere of Ann Arbor Michigan.