Billions of Dollars of Damage Caused By Hurricane Ian in Florida

Described as the storm of the century, Hurricane Ian made landfall as a category 4 hurricane with wind sheer topping one hundred and forty miles per hour. Originally the storm was projected to make landfall in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area, but turned south and walloped the Fort Myers and SW Florida corridor. The path of destruction drove eastward through Central Florida, leading to flooding in Orlando before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean and setting eyes on South Carolina.

Residents in SW Florida are facing years of recovery, thankfully they will have the full support of FEMA, FloodSmart, and dozens of Florida agencies working on their behalf. Florida to most of the region should be returned within 4-10 days, thanks to crews arriving to help from Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Rescue and recovery efforts were underway to help those stranded and impacted by the ferocity of the storm. The likelihood of billions of dollars in property damage will be especially challenging for insurance companies and restoration contractors who are scrambling to respond and provide recovery to residents in hardest hit areas to get their lives back to normal quickly. The total destruction of Hurricane Ian could become a top 10 storm, depending on the impact in South Carolina and beyond.



Disaster Cleanup Providers for Hurricane Ian

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